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At Trafalco we don’t take any commissions on bookings, since the bookings are dealt with on your end. Even better, as a host you get a free profile with direct links to your website or booking platform of your choice. We encourage our visitors to book directly with the host by enabling open and direct communication. Trafalco gives you the freedom to attract visitors through direct bookings. If you want you can always link the visitors to a booking platform that you are currently using. Your stay, your choice, your money.

international reach

Advertized on countless international travel-related websites, backed up with proven community building to make sure you receive visitors from around the world.

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We encourage our visitors to book directly on your website, through email, telephone or booking platform of your choice. No commission is owed to us.

freedom of choice

Reel in the bookings directly and communicate directly with potential visitors or advertize your stay but use an OTA to manage your bookings.

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  • automatic listing in several moodboards (soon)
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No more middleman to pay commission to. 100% of the booking fee is yours.

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Do you own the stay we are looking for?

The main goal of this platform is to offer unique stays to our visitors. We therefore select our stays with care to ensure the best positioning and service for your stay and our visitors. Once your profile and detail page has been created our quality assurance team will check your entry and contact you if there is any doubt concerning the unique value. Please take note of the attention points below.

  • Make sure you upload good quality pictures. Blurry pictures or pictures that don’t show the true value of your stay are a reason to not get qualified.
  • Is your stay unique enough? What makes your stay different from a regular bed and breakfast or hotel? Describe it in the detail page to lure visitors.
  • Is your stay located in a unique environment (eg. in the middle of nature)? Make sure to mention this as well.
  • Please don’t fluff up your stay by adding features that are not present. Visitors are advised to leave feedback to our admins to recalibrate the stay. We ask you to be honest.