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What is Trafalco and why have you been selected as our ambassador?

Trafalco is a travel advertising platform specialized in unique stays. We make sure that your holiday accommodation gets maximal visibility with the right target audience all over the world. To launch this new platform we’ve made a selection of 40 ambassadors. These ambassadors represent the most amazing holiday homes in every part of the world.

We’re excited to start our journey with Trafalco.com and we would like you to travel with us. Share our experiences from the front row. Together we create travels beyond belief.

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No obligations, only benefits

Free membership for 2 years (instead of 24,95 dollar/month)
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Free worldwide advertising
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We just ask you to keep your Trafalco profile page up to date. With your personal login you easily get access to the backoffice where you can edit your own profile.

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