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Why isn’t Trafalco involved in the booking process?

Trafalco is an advertizing directory and we don’t take bookings via our site. We encourage you to book directly with the owner. You always get the best price, we don’t charge any commissions or extra costs. Your money goes directly to the owner. It’s a great way to support local businesses. This is what #bookdirect is all about.

How can I book a unique stay?

If you want to check for availability or make reservations, please click the button on the stay’s unique profile page to enquire with the owner directly or to connect with the reservation platform of their choice.


What if I can’t get a response from a stay I am emailing?

We encourage our members to always have current and up to date contact information. If you don’t get an answer within in a timely manner, you can contact our customer support. We will try to contact the owner for you. Go to our contact page to see our coordinates.

How do I know the stay I want to book is not fraudulent?

Trafalco takes measures to ensure that hosts, listing their properties, are not phishing potential guests on the website. We do everything in our power to make sure stays are real. Please contact us to know everything about our security procedure. These tips will help you ensure your security.

For hosts

How can I advertize my property on

You can advertize your stay completely free of charge. There are no commissions, hidden fees or other costs to list your property on Read more about our promise here.

How much does it cost to advertise my stay?

You can advertize your stay completely free of charge. There are no commissions, hidden fees or other costs to list your property on Read more about our promise here.

How does Trafalco promote unique stays to potential clients?

We use various types of marketing and advertizing. Don’t hestitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.

Can I have a link to my personal website on my profile page?

Of course! Trafalco empowers business owners to promote their own brand. To depend as little as possible on online travel agencies.

How can I edit my profile page?

On Trafalco you can manage your own account. This also means that you can edit your profile whenever you want to. You can change your contact details, add special offers, change photos and more.

Why is my stay not showing on the site?

It is normal that your stay doesn’t directly appear on the site. It is probably pending. Trafalco checks every new application thoroughly if it meets the conditions and if it doesn’t fail the security procedure.

How should a traveler making a booking in terms of paying?

This is totally up to the stay’s owner to choose the payment method. The payment is not done through! We advize you to keep your safety measures:

  • Emails with vast amounts of grammar errors should be handled with care
  • Emails asking you for a custom payment method should be closely examined,
  • Any email without contact information is rather fishy


We’re here to answer them. Please don’t hesitate and contact us if you need more information or if you have any question of any sort.