How to book a holiday online safely

How to book a holiday online safely

Nowadays it’s very easy to book your stay online and organize your holiday without direct contact.  However you still have to be careful for impostors who put an imaginary stay online for the sole purpose of getting as much money out of your pockets as possible. has selected a number of useful tips that can help you protect yourself from those fraudsters:

Look for recent customer reviews online.

Search the stay on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and search for recent reviews. On a Facebook page you can find a lot of information to check the authenticity of the stay. Look for the exact address, phone number and email address.

Look at the phone number on the site

Once you’ve found it, check if the country dial-in code matches the country of the stay. Call the number to check the authenticity of the stay and ask about the offer you’ve seen online.

Look up the address

Look up the address in Google Maps and Streetview to see if the given location is correct. In the meantime, you can already enjoy the surroundings of your next holiday.

Trust your instincts

An offer too good to be true is probably fraudulent. Be careful!!

Payment and booking

When it comes to paying for your holiday online, there are several things to look out for. Never pay by bank transfer, moneygram or via Western Union, as these forms of payment are not intended for commercial use. You better use the known credit cards to pay, this way you are insured against fraud.

In most cases booking your holiday online is safe and secure but you always have to be on your guard. At we select our unique stays very carefully and by following the previous simple steps you can protect yourself and enjoy a good and well-deserved holiday.

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