Life long, travel slow

Life long, travel slow

Nowadays there’s a lot of pressure in every aspect of our life. We have to be on top in our job, have to be fit and presentable all the time and even when we have booked a holiday the pressure wheel starts turning. Everything has to be planned to perfection and we have to make sure that we see and do everything. This way we’ll not have any regrets when we’re back home.

Are you ready to get of that merry- go- round and really start enjoying the experience of ‘slow’ traveling? You don’t have to plan everything from advance, leave a little room for spontaneity. The slow movement is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace but it’s about seeking to do everything at the right speed. It isn’t the destination that‘s important, it’s the journey.

On you can find unique stays you really want to experience. Get inspired to find the perfect getaway, restaurant, bar and hidden gem. Just take your time and accept that you don’t have to see all the highlights. Quality is more important than quantity. Become a local wherever you go, make friends and enjoy the local life.

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