Support tourism: book direct and save money

Support tourism:  book direct and save money

Since the beginning of 2020 the covid- 19 virus poses a threat to the everyday life of people worldwide. Travelers are particularly affected, as are people working in tourism. The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in today’s global economy. It provides more than 250 million jobs worldwide that are now endangered by this pandemic.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, as of 11 May, 100% of world tourist destinations had introduced temporary travel restrictions in response to the outbreak, 72% of which have placed a complete stop on international tourism. Many travellers have struggled to return home, while tourism businesses are facing severe liquidity issues, as there are very few new bookings and a large number of claims for refunds following cancellations.

How to support tourism after the corona pandemic?

1. It’s important we can travel again

Please follow all precautions when you embark on your next journey! Below you will find an infographic of London Gatwick Airport that describes the precautions you should take.

2. Book holidays

All stays in the world can use your support right now, especially after this difficult period they need a full agenda. Find local unique stays on and book your once in a lifetime experience.

3. #bookdirect and save money

When you commit to booking directly, you will enjoy many perks and amenities that you would not have access to when booking through a travel agency. Not to mention, you will pay less! 

The price of a booking via an online travel agency, such as or Airbnb, can be up to 18 percent higher than a booking made directly through the stay. When booking direct you usually guaranteed the lowest price available and you support the stay without paying commissions en service fees to the online travel agencies. 

Trafalco connects travelers with hosts of unique stays. We’re committed to create as much direct contact between the stay and traveler as possible. Trafalco offers its services completely free of charge. This means you pay less and the owner gets more because there is no more middleman to pay.

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