What kind of (tra)falcon are you?

What kind of (tra)falcon are you?

Trafalco.com is your specialist for finding unique stays and experiences all over the world. Our travellers are called Falcons. Falcons are found all over the world and they are always looking for their next travel prey, a new unique stay they have never been before.

Before visiting they linger over the prey for a longer period of time so they know everything they need to know before diving in. They want to immerse themselves in the culture, the languages, the food and the local customs. They want to experience what it is to be a local. At  trafalco.com we distinguish different types of falcons: with what kind of falcon do you identify the most?

The trillseeking falcon

The thrillseeker is always looking for an even more spectacular kayak, bungee jump or jeep safari. Not even the sky is the limit! The crazier, the better. Resulting in impressive photos.

The culture sniffing falcon

These travelers don’t miss a single church or museum during their city trips. They are delighted when they discover a new monument not yet published in their travel guide.

The spiritual falcon

These people are looking to find and discover themselves and can often be found meditating near a temple in India or following a mindfullness course on the beaches of Malibu.

The falcon in love

68% of travelers world wide are couples. They’re searching for a healthy mix of relaxing and visiting romantic cities such as Verona, Italy or go salsa dancing in the best clubs of Havana, Cuba.

The restseeking falcon

They’re going on a journey to escape the hustle of every day life and don’t want to see an email or answer a phone call. They want to unplug, and enjoy their time off in the middle of nowhere.

The nature falcon

The nature falcon looks for clear lakes, impressive mountains, enchanting forests or secluded beaches. They especially enjoys long walks in nature, and like to explore the countryside or simply relax outdoors.

The food falcon

As in the well-known Netflix series, somebody feeds Phil, the food falcon is traveling around the world all while trying amazing food and meeting friendly people. This foodie travels to discover new ingredients and try local specialties.

The Insta falcon

This ‘hipster’ falcon loves the fashion scene and is always searching for the coolest clubs and most arty bars. For these travelers, all destinations must be Instagram proof.

The family falcon

The family falcon travels in pack and never alone. The holidays are suited for the whole family and offers fun times for every age group. On trafalco.com you can quickly see which features a stay offers in terms of family-friendliness.

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